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Grind the biscuits in the food processor or in a bag with a hammer (if you don't have a food processor) and then mix with the melted butter in the microwave. Place the biscuit and butter mixture in a yenna bowl or in a round cake tin (I have a teflon shape with a removable bottom) and press with your fingers until it is completely level. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes, at a temperature of 175 degrees C or if you don't want to bake it, you can put it in the fridge (this way the butter will harden). I prefer it baked.


Also in the food processor (or a taller bowl where you will beat with the mixer) put the cream cheese that has been previously removed from the refrigerator and left at room temperature to soften.

Beat well until it becomes homogeneous and like a cream, then add the powdered sugar which is also mixed well in the composition then the seeds from the vanilla pod.

The gelatin is soaked in a little cold water for about 10 minutes then dissolved in a steam bath (or in the microwave for about 20 seconds) and incorporated into the cream cheese.

Whip the cream and mix in the composition with a spatula.

At the end, put the fruit (raspberries, for example, must be mixed very lightly with a spatula so that they do not crush), which you easily incorporate into the cream and pour it into a cake shape, level it nicely and decorate as you like.

Place another gelatin over the fruit, which cools well before being placed on top, otherwise you risk mixing the cheese with the gelatin and becoming opaque! I use red fruit jelly or even plain jelly a little sweetened. And to avoid mixing the cheese with the gelatin, put the cake in the fridge for about 30 minutes then take it out and put the cooled top gelatin.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to set, and when removed from the removable form, gently pull with a knife on the edge of the cake to prevent it from cracking (usually the gelatin on top breaks if you do not use a knife before)

I wish you much success! cheesecak is a guaranteed delight!

Break the biscuits and grind them in a blender. You will need a good blender to crush the biscuits. Or you can simply wrap the biscuits in a towel and crush them with a rolling pin.

Line a tart with a detachable bottom with butter and powdered sugar. Fully incorporate the cinnamon and cardamom biscuits, then mix them with the butter so that you get a moist and easy-to-shape dough.

Press in all the corners of the tart shape and spread the layer of biscuits evenly and level it well

Moisten your hands a little with water and press lightly on the biscuits to create a unified layer

Leave the tray in the fridge for about 15 minutes to harden the top. Moisturize gelatin in 300 ml of cold milk.

Mix in blender, on low speed, cream cheese, 150 ml cold milk, whipped cream hardener and Creme Patisserie

Add both types of sugar and mix on the last gear. On low heat, in a kettle, without boiling, mix the milk with the gelatin until it becomes slightly warm, and the gelatin granules are completely dissolved.

Add the milk with gelatin in a blender over the other composition and mix until evenly distributed

Then take the tart form out of the fridge and add the cream in it. Move the tart form left and right until it is level and leave it in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Serve it with whatever topping you want, whether we are talking about a berry, a chocolate or other wonders like this, this dessert is perfect regardless of the season.

How do we make the cream for a successful strawberry cheesecake?

The cream for this cheesecake without baking will be made from cream cheese, whipped cream and sugar, with the addition of gelatin which has the role of hardening the cream in the refrigerator. For flavor I put the seeds from a vanilla pod, but you can also put vanilla essence. I cut strawberries in half around the cheesecake, and on top I put a strawberry jelly. Of course you can change the fruits and you can add kiwi, mango, peach, raspberry, pineapple. I prefer strawberries because they are among my favorite fruits and I use them whenever I have the opportunity. As you well know, I've done it before Strawberry tart, strawberry milkshake and muffins with strawberries.

Recipe of uncooked cheesecake but she is the star of these desserts. It looks spectacular and can always take the place of a birthday cake or a dessert that you want to impress. In addition, the cheesecake is very easy to customize, so you can make it with your favorite fruits or those in season. You can use fresh or frozen fruit. However, you will need to keep in mind that you will only be able to use frozen fruit for jelly. They are not suitable for decoration because they will not keep their shape. I am convinced that you will like this cheesecake without baking and that it will become your favorite when you do not want to make a refreshing, light and super delicious dessert.

How to prepare cheesecake without baking:

Strawberry Free Baking Cheesecake & # 8211 Fast Dietary Dessert by the Glass or Jar

Cheesecake without baking with strawberries & # 8211 fast dietary dessert by the glass or jar. Cheesecake recipe with sweetener (without sugar) for diabetics, children or people on a diet. How to make a low-calorie dessert with fruit, cheese and digestive biscuits? Strawberry recipes. Recipes with cottage cheese. Dietary recipes.

Here I am again in the Netherlands, visiting my daughter who is studying there. We haven't seen each other physically in 10 months and the longing was devastating. She's on vacation too soon, so I jumped in the car and ran to get her home. Of course, I had a Sunday lunch with several of her colleagues and at the end I served this cheesecake without baking with strawberries. A dietary, healthy and fast dessert that everyone liked.

Why add extra calories if the taste of the dish is the same? I chose a creamy cow's cheese with a lower fat content and a non-caloric sweetener. And digestive biscuits can be light, suitable for people who have diabetes or simply diet. Many mothers avoid sugary sweets, so this dessert is also suitable for children. The strawberries are in full season now so I took advantage of this look.

Of course you can use sugar, agave syrup or honey as well as a fatter cream cheese (cream cheese or even mixed with mascarpone).

Instead of glasses you can use small jars. So this strawberry cheesecake can be transported to the green grass.

From the quantities below it results approx. 10 servings of uncooked cheesecake with strawberries or quick dietary dessert by the glass or jar.

Tips & tricks

1. It is best to prepare the cake a day (evening) before serving. Only the cream hardens properly.

2. Use freshly picked raspberries and loose dates, from the soft and creamy ones, which no longer need hydration. They can be found either in the supermarket (eg Mega Image) in crates, in open refrigerators in the fruit and vegetable area or online.

3. Prepare all the ingredients before you start working. Some stages require a very short preparation time and speed is the key to everything going according to plan.

If you also want to prepare this raspberry chesecake (without baking) you will find the ingredients and steps to follow below.

Sugar-free cheesecake recipes

Want to learn how to make a delicious sugar-free cheesecake? The recipes we will share with you are divine and do not contain sugar at all!

If you are careful about what you eat because you have health problems (such as diabetes) or simply want to maintain your weight, write down your recipes today. Serving them as a dessert will make it easy to maintain your figure!

How to make cream cheese with mascarpone and whipped cream for cheesecake?

I had the fruits frozen. I let them thaw a bit and put them in the blender. I used strawberries and strawberries. I made a fine paste which I passed through a sieve to stop the larger seeds. The strawberries have very small seeds, so we can't take them all out anyway. It is different in the case of strawberries or other fruits. I honestly don't mind those seeds, because we only eat them when we eat fresh fruit.

In another bowl put the mascarpone, cream cheese and whipped cream. Beat everything at once and keep an eye on the mixer so as not to cut the cream. Finally add the powdered sugar and vanilla and mix a little more (a few seconds).

In a saucepan soak the gelatin (here I used gelatin granules) in 100 ml of juice left from the thawed fruit or in cold water and leave it to hydrate for 5 minutes. Then put it on the fire for a while, without boiling, according to the instructions on the package. Careful! boiling destroys gelatin. It only heats up to 60 C.

Then mix the gelatin with the fruit. If the fruit puree is still very cold, we will have to heat it very lightly on the fire. Otherwise, the gelatin will harden instantly.

After that we will gradually add the cream cheese composition to the gelatin one, until we incorporate it all with a spatula, so as not to destroy the foam.

This is the cream. We quickly pour it over the biscuits, being careful not to dislodge them from the mold.

Level the cream layer and let it cool until it hardens (minimum 2-3 hours). If we have time, we can put it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

How to make strawberry jelly for cheesecake?

For jelly we have practically the same procedure as for the cream fruit base. We heat the strawberries (or what other fruits we use) very easily with the sugar and the lemon juice. Just enough to dissolve the sugar, without boiling.

We will process the fruits with a blender, after which we strain them to remove the seeds.

The gelatin is soaked in cold water according to the instructions on the package and then added to the strawberry composition. Here I used gelatin sheets so as not to dilute the fruit sauce. The sheet gelatin is soaked in cold water and then squeezed in the hand and melted without the surrounding liquid.

As the fruit paste is warm, the gelatin will be immediately incorporated into the composition, which becomes smooth and homogeneous. If it is not incorporated well, the whole mixture can be easily heated. It is then left to cool for 10-15 minutes, taking care to mix it from time to time and to make sure it does not start to solidify. If necessary, froth.


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You don't have to spend an entire day in the kitchen with a recipe written on six pages in front of you to prepare a delicious dessert! Below you will find a simple, healthy recipe, which is easy to prepare and does not contain sugar, being prepared with natural sweetener Green Sugar - with zero calories and zero glycemic index, recommended even for diabetics.

In addition, this delicious recipe is prepared without turning on the oven. Here's how to get the best sugar-free cheesecake:

Ingredients for sugar-free and baking-free cheesecake: a simple and delicious recipe

2 packets of digestive biscuits
11 tablespoons unsalted, melted butter
2 tablespoons Green Sugar - natural stevia sweetener
800 g of fresh sweet cheese at room temperature
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 steps to prepare this delicious sugar-free cheesecake

1. The top: put the biscuits in a medium-sized bowl, which are then crushed until they acquire a coarse texture and then sprinkle the natural sweetener over them. Add the butter and mix until the composition is homogeneous.

2. Composition: with the help of a manual mixer set at medium speed, beat the fresh cheese until it becomes creamy. Incorporate, a little, lemon juice and vanilla. Once the composition is formed, pour it over the cookie sheet and spread it lightly with a spatula.

3. Cover the cheesecake with a plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge until the composition hardens. You can decorate with strawberry slices, pecans or dark chocolate flakes, according to your preferences.

The video below explains step by step the recipe for sugar-free cheesecake:

If you are a fan of healthy recipes, we also recommend:

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This non-baked cheesecake recipe is ideal for a meeting with friends and is ready in just 15 minutes!

We suggest you try the fastest nutella cheesecake, it does not require baking and is prepared in record time. This cheesecake without baking has a special taste, the cream is very fine, and the combination of sweet and savory is ideal. Even the most capricious sweet lover will be amazed at how delicious this cake is. You and your children can gladly participate in the preparation of this cheesecake, because it is very easy to prepare.



  1. Mix the butter with 40 g of nutella in a small bowl, melt the mixture in the steam bath or in the microwave. Put the biscuits in a food processor and crush them well, then put them in a bowl and mix them with the melted butter mixture with nutella, refrigerate until the cream is ready.
  2. Using a mixer, mix the cream cheese well with 320 g of nutella. Mix for 5 minutes until you get a fine and fluffy cream, let the cream cool for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, place the crushed biscuit mixture in a tray (20 cm in diameter) lined with baking paper and level well with a glass.
  3. Place the cream cheese mixture with nutella on top of the biscuit top and level well. The cream should be level with the cookie sheet. Let the cake cool for at least 6 hours.
  4. Enjoy with pleasure!


Hi! Could you tell me, please, what kind of cream cheese do you use?

Quick sweets without baking

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Unbaked cake with mascarpone, whipped cream and yogurt, an extremely simple and quick recipe, without eggs, without gelatin. A perfect combination between Diplomat and. This month's challenge from Delaco is to prepare a recipe with cream. Strawberry Cheesecake Uncooked cheesecake with strawberries a cake.

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