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Dessert chocolate duo cake with oreo

Dessert chocolate duo cake with oreo

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For the countertop I mixed the egg with the sugar, a pinch of salt, oil, milk. I added flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder. At the end I gradually incorporated hot water. I baked the top in a detachable round shape of 20 cm.

For the mousse I mixed a little the 2 whole eggs with the sugar and the starch. You can replace the 2 whole eggs with 4 yolks. I gradually added the milk and then boiled until it thickened. I took the cream off the heat and incorporated the butter.

I divided this cream into 3 bowls. In one bowl I added chopped milk chocolate, in the second bowl I added chopped white chocolate and the third was left with plain cream. I mixed the cream with the chocolate until it was homogenous. I wrapped the three bowls in foil and left them until they cooled completely.

After the cream cooled, I mixed the whipped cream and divided it into three bowls. In the simple cream bowl I added the crushed oreo biscuits.

I placed the countertop on a tray, around it the removable ring from the tray in which I baked it and I covered the ring with baking paper.

I prepared gelatin separately for each layer of mousse. I hydrated 5g gelatin with 30ml of water, heated it a little and then mixed it with the cream from the milk chocolate bowl. I did the same with the other two. I put the first layer of milk chocolate mousse, then the one with oreo and the last layer of white chocolate. After each layer of mousse I put the cake in the freezer for 15 minutes and then I put the next layer of mousse.

The setting is not very successful, but my little girl liked it. ”In the middle was a little girl with a balloon. I didn't quite succeed, but we can imagine.

The most delicious sugar-free chocolate mousse cake! Black with nuts, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, worth trying Desserts, Sweets. This mousse or chocolate mousse can be used to fill and decorate cakes and pies but. The recipes for this sparkling chocolate cream are many and varied, from chocolate mousse. My chocolate mousse recipe contains egg whites and whipped cream in the composition, that's how I make it. JamilaCuisine Cake 3 sugar-free mousses & # 8211 Mihaela Toader mihaelatoader.

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