Raspberry jam

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Wash the raspberries and drain well. Put raspberries in a thick-walled pan, such as a wok.

Put the pan on the stove, over medium heat, until the fruit has started to crush. Pass half of the fruit through a strainer to remove the seeds. Put the pulp and fruit juice back in the wok. Boil the fruit until the jam thickens. Add the sugar and simmer the jam, stirring occasionally, until it hardens. In total it takes about 2 hours

Put the hot jam in clean jars. Leave the jars open until they cool a little, then close them tightly with lids. When the jam has cooled, put it in the pantry for the winter.

And don't forget to leave a little on a plate, so that you can enjoy it like this, fresh, with a little warm homemade bread.