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Beauty Pamper: Give Yourself an Edible Facial

Beauty Pamper: Give Yourself an Edible Facial

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Treat yourself to this revitalizing recipe

A delicious way to healthier skin.

People have a terrible habit of putting themselves on the back-burner. We run our errands, plan our families social calendar, take care of our pets and end up finishing the day too tired to even take off our make up. But in order to take better care of the ones we love, we have to take care of ourselves too.

With all of the things you have going on in your life, retreats like a weekend vacation are out of the question. Instead of completely depriving yourself of all pampering, treat yourself to a 20 minute edible treat.

And we aren’t talking about a midnight snack! Open your refrigerator and you will discover all of the perfect ingredients for a revitalizing facial mask. To try it at home, click on our original recipe below!

Click here for the Sensitive Skin Oatmeal Mask Recipe.

If you are looking for radiant, supple skin this easy facial mask can be made right from your refrigerator. Apply this mask once a week and revitalize your skin!

9 Easy DIY Face Masks for Bright, Glowing Skin

Oh, face masks, let us count the ways we love thee: 1. in sheet form, 2. in splash form, 3. in clay form, and now we're adding 4. in DIY form, because, let's be honest&mdashwe're sometimes lazy. Really lazy. And/or we don't have the desire (or the money) to run to the store every week for new face masks. In a perfect world, we would all be given The Light Salon's BOOST LED Mask and just chill on the couch in bliss like Chrissy Teigen, but the universe has other plans for us!

Also, choosing a mask for your skin type can be a trip (don't worry, we have a hack for you that will make it seem like a breeze). By comparison, the idea of just delving into the stash of goodies in the kitchen makes this budget-friendly hack feels like a day at the spa. So when you want to give your skin some TLC, but can't bring yourself to leave the vicinity of your humble abode, try these mask recipes that come courtesy of food and skincare experts. Get ready for a beautiful at-home glow money can't buy, girl!

The Turmeric Brightening Mask

Less is more with this two-part anti-inflammatory-plus-brightening honey and turmeric mask. "I love using high quality local honey to wash my face and as a mask also. The more natural the better," says Bianca Valle, Certified Holistic Nutritionist in New York City.

1. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric and one tablespoon of honey to make a smooth orange blend.

2. Apply the mask mixture to your clean, dry face and leave for 15-20 minutes.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water then seal in the goodness with a moisturizer of choice.

The Moisturizing Avocado Mask

Calm inflammation and hydrate the skin for a clear and glowing complexion. This soothing three-ingredient avocado mask does the trick. Here's what you'll need to quickly whip up this ultra-moisturizing gem:

1. Mash one-quarter of a ripe avocado in a small bowl.

2. Add in one tablespoon of rolled oats or oat bran and one tablespoon of manuka or raw honey. Mash and mix until all components are blended well.

3.Apply the mask to your clean, dry face for 10 minutes.

4. Rinse with lukewarm water before following up with a moisturizer.

The Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask

There are three shining stars in this yummy, fully edible mask, and they all work wonders for your face. "Avocado is extremely hydrating, cocoa is an excellent skin-soothing antioxidant, and honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory," says Holly Monson, spa manager at Ocean Pearl Spa in California.

1. Mash one-quarter of an avocado in a small bowl.

2. Stir in one tablespoon cocoa powder and one tablespoon honey, mashing and mixing well.

3. Apply the mask to your clean, dry skin for 10 minutes.

4. Wash off with warm water, then moisturize as per usual.

The Nourishing Honey Mask

"Honey is a natural antibacterial, which makes it a perfect base for acne-fighting masks," says Lily Kunin, the creator of Clean Food Dirty City and author of the plant-based cookbook Good Clean Food. "Nutritional yeast is also excellent for treating acne, as it's rich in B-vitamins that help calm the skin barrier, especially if you're breaking out around your period."

1. Brew one cup of chamomile tea with two tea bags and let cool completely.

2. In a tiny bowl, stir together one tablespoon of manuka or raw honey, and one teaspoon of nutritional yeast.

3. Add just enough chamomile tea to the bowl to create a thicker paste that's still runny enough to spread across your skin, but not too watery.

4. Apply a thin layer to your face and let sit for 20 minutes.

5. Rinse off and pat dry. Moisturize afterward!

The Organic Banana Face Mask

"This tropical face mask will give your skin such a health, natural-looking glow, and it's also designed to be gentle enough on all skin types," says Sharōn Ronen L.E., the founder and owner of Skin Haven Spa Studio & WellSpa in Australia.

1. Mash one-half of a banana in a bowl.

2. Mix in a tablespoon of orange juice and a tablespoon of honey.

3. Apply the mask to your face (lumps are totally fine!) and keep the mixture on for 15 minutes.

4. Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturize.

The Breakfast Mask

"This breakfast-themed mask helps calm and mattify oily skin, thanks to its mix of soothing oatmeal and tightening egg yolks," says Ronen.

1. Combine one egg yolk, one tablespoon of honey, and one tablespoon of olive oil (yes, olive oil) with half a cup of oatmeal.

2. Stir well, then apply it to your face for 15-20 minutes.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water (make sure your drain is cool with oatmeal!) and then moisturize.

Papaya Pigmentation Mask

"This mask is especially great for those who have hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and uneven skin tones," says Ronen.

1. Blend together two tablespoons of honey and a half-cup of mashed papaya.

2. Gently apply the mixture over your face for 15-20 minutes.

3. Wash it off and moisturize.

Honey Citrus Mask

"This honey- and orange-based mask is the best quick fix to give dull skin a bright, pretty glow," says Ronen.

1. Combine three tablespoons of orange juice with a quarter-cup of honey.

2. Rub the mixture lightly over your face and then leave it on for 15 minutes.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water and, as always and forever, follow with a moisturizer.

The Buttery Hydration Mask

When in doubt, an exfoliating mask is always the answer, and Patel let us in on a two-part skin secret. The ingredients for this next mask can be found in your fridge, and will leave your face feeling oh-so-smooth. Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Mix 1/2 cup of buttermilk in with two tablespoons of yogurt.

2. Leave on face for a few hours and then wash off to see a glow like no other.

Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

Reveal a smoother, more radiant, and more youthful you with Edible Beauty Australia’s anti-ageing skincare range.

Developed using unique blends of botanical, wildcrafted, and antioxidant-rich ingredients, our natural anti-ageing products provide anti-wrinkle, plumping, multi-protection, and intensely nourishing effects that promote skin renewal and an unstoppable healthy glow.

Delight Your Senses with Our Proprietary Anti-Ageing Infusion

At Edible Beauty Australia, we believe younger-looking skin starts from the inside. Our unique No. 2 Fountain of Youth Tea is lovingly hand-blended with supercharged antioxidant-rich botanicals and fruits, including rosehip, hibiscus, pineapple, and papaya. Abundant in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), our anti-ageing tea blend infuses your skin with a powerful surge of moisture while protecting against cellular damage and replenishing the skin with nutrients.

Reclaim Your Youthful Firmness and Suppleness

Our ultimate youth and beauty booster, the No. 3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum defies age and time by diminishing the key signs of ageing. The formula is abundant in “edible” botanical ingredients including white tea, desert lime, edelweiss, Davidson plum, and kakadu, as well as Hyaluronic Acid, a highly popular and high-potency ingredient in anti-ageing skincare. Wake up to rejuvenated skin that looks more beautiful, firmer, and more defined.

Pamper the sensitive skin around your eyes with & Gold Rush Eye Balm, our ultra-nourishing, super-strengthening, and revitalising eye cream. Formulated with luxurious gold leaf, this product works wonders to dramatically reduce eye puffiness, refine wrinkles, and plump fine lines. The antioxidant-rich blend imparts radiance, hydration, and a renewed “wide-open” look.

Discover Edible Beauty Australia’s natural anti-ageing skincare products below and reveal a younger, more lifted, and more radiant look.

How To Make A Homemade Face Mask For Your Kid?

Follow the simple step-by-step procedure to prepare homemade kid friendly face mask:

  • Mixing Bowls
  • Measuring Cups
  • Wooden Spoons
  • Plastic container with lid
  • Honey
  • ¼ cup oatmeal
  • ½ cup yogurt
  1. Gather all the ingredients on your kitchen table and instruct your kid to wash her face properly with soap and water.
  1. Pour 2 tbsp. of lukewarm water into the measured quantity of oatmeal in a separate plastic container and cover the lid for about ten minutes. Now mix one 1tbsp. of yogurt to the warm oatmeal mixture and let it cool down.
  1. You can add honey and yogurt to the mixture of oatmeal so that it perfectly softens your kid’s skin.
  1. Apply the homemade oatmeal-based face mask to your kid’s skin, especially to the areas like forehead, cheek, and nose.
  1. Ask your kid to wash off the face using plain tap water.

Lemongrass has antibacterial, antioxidant, and other therapeutic properties. After a hard day working in the garden, we appreciate lemongrass as a remedy for our aches and pains. Use this salt scrub on your hands daily or on sore muscles once a week while taking a deep soak in the tub. If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to use the salt scrub only on your hands or substitute brown sugar for the salt as a milder alternative.

Simple, effective, and useful medicines, echinacea salves can soothe minor sores, wounds, insect bites, and stings—perfect for the home gardener. To create this recipe, you’ll need to have already created an essential oil using echinacea flowers.

50+ Chocolate Beauty Products to Make at Home

So, what do I mean by beauty products? Really, it can be anything that helps you look and feel more beautiful including lotions, scrubs, bath salts or even cosmetics. What could be more relaxing than pampering yourself with something like chocolate?

What you need to make these chocolate beauty products

Cocoa powder – If you want your beauty products to smell like chocolate, most will require that you add cocoa powder. Because you’ll be applying it to your skin, please choose one that is organic or natural.

Cocoa butter – Another ingredient you will want to have on hand is a good quality cocoa powder. Not only does it smell wonderful, it is so soothing to rough, dry skin.

Containers – While you can store your beauty products in almost any type of container, you may want to use plastic to avoid accidents in the bathroom. These containers with lids work really well.

6. Sugary minty lip scrub

For soft lips, this quick treatment is the ultimate treatment to make you a smooth kisser. Blend a bit jojoba or olive oil with caster sugar (also known as superfine sugar you can also make your own by putting regular granulated sugar in the food processor for a minute) and a touch of peppermint or vanilla extract. Place some of the paste on your lips, massage and lick off.

200+ DIY Beauty Recipes: The Ultimate List

DIY beauty products are a huge trend right now — but the truth is most of us don’t do it because it’s trendy.

You do it to save some moolah. Or to avoid the toxins in commercial beauty products. Or just because you love to create interesting messes in your kitchen.

Whatever inspires you do go DIY with your beauty routine, it all boils down to one thing: recipes.

We can’t make awesome DIY beauty products without recipes, right? You don’t really want to wing this stuff.

Otherwise, all those kitchen catastrophes will be for naught when your homemade blush turns out to be a flop. Trust those who have gone before you, and let them handle the trial and error part.

Of course, recipe searching can take all day, so we’ve got you covered.

We’ve searched high and low for the most awesome DIY beauty recipes so you don’t have to.

That way, you can save all that time searching and spend it on creating your own awesome DIY beauty products instead. Enjoy!

Home Spa Recipe for Natural Hair Conditioner

Blend up this simple recipe for a deep hair conditioning treatment that will leave your hair soft and silky. The fats in the avocado and heavy cream are rich in emollients that quickly penetrate the hair, while the honey keeps your scalp's moisture level at an optimum balance -- not too dry or too oily -- and acts as a natural antibacterial agent.

1 avocado, peeled and cut into chunks

2 tablespoons heavy cream

Mix ingredients in a blender. Comb mixture through freshly washed hair. Wrap head in plastic (a grocery bag will do), and cover with a towel. Let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse well.

* Excerpted from Chick Living: Frugal and Fabulous, by Kris Koederitz Melcher. Reprinted with permission of Conari Press. Copyright 2005.

Home Spa Sugar Scrub and Honey Hand Wrap

Soothe itchy, dry, winter-chapped hands with this richly emollient hand wrap.

Mix olive oil and sugar to form a paste. Massage over hands to lightly exfoliate then rinse with warm water. Warm honey in microwave and apply to hands (be careful -- don't let it get too hot!). Wrap hands with plastic wrap, and relax for 30 minutes.

* Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North, Ariz., Avon, Co.

Home Spa Coffee Body Scrub

If the smell of freshly brewed coffee perks you up in morning, try inhaling an entire shower full of Joe! Massage oil smoothes and moisturizes, while coarsely ground coffee and raw sugar or sea salt rids your body of dead, flaky skin cells.


2 cups of coarsely ground coffee

1/2 cup raw sugar or sea salt

2-3 tablespoons massage oil (such as sunflower, jojoba, or apricot kernel oil)

Mix all ingredients together. Take a hot shower to moisten your skin and open pores. Using wide, circular motions, rub the scrub onto your skin with strong, even pressure. Shower off, pat skin dry, and apply a thin layer of your favorite body lotion. Then get ready to start your morning!

* Courtesy of Spa Index.Com and Spa Senjakala, Malaysia

Spa Treatment Shower Therapy

A long hot bath can be a dreamy way to relax and unwind. But what if your self-pampering time is limited, or, horror of horrors, you live in a house without a tub? Enter the aromatherapy shower, a simple technique that comes to the rescue of harried women who bathe standing up.

To try it yourself, take an extra washcloth, wet it, and scent with four or five droplets of your favorite essential oil. Tuck the washcloth into a corner on your shower floor, and let the water run hot for minute or two to steam up the room and disperse the scent. Then step out of your clothes and into a cloud of scented steam. Breathe deeply, exhilarating in the blissful smell.

Some tips on choosing oils: Citrus scents -- lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and orange -- are wonderful mood lifters, as are essential oils of bergamot, rosemary, and cardamom. If you're more in need of mellowing out than pepping up, pick soothing scents like lavender, clay sage, sandalwood, chamomile, pine, and vetiver.

* Excerpted from Mom Spa by Jennifer Sander. Copyright © Fair Winds Press 2006.

Natural Eye De-Puffing Treatment

If your eyes are red and puffy from a long day spent squinting at the screen, lie down with your feet up and use one of the following treats to soothe and de-puff your precious peepers.

Gold Leaf for Beauty

Now, the “gold leaf treatment” is a staple at fine spas and high-end treatment packages at hotels. It requires the skills of professional spa technicians to handle gold leaves because they are very thin and sensitive. HAKUICHI offers a wide range of user-friendly products for the gold leaf treatment that everybody can introduce in her daily skin care regimen.

Point 01 Using 24K Pure Gold Leaf of 99.99% Purity
Just like cosmetics, gold leaves for beauty care sit directly on your skin. That is why HAKUICHI chooses the high quality leaf of pure gold and platinum that are absolutely safe and comfortable to use. Pamper yourself with the gold leaf treatment, the famed beauty care technique widely offered at spas not only in Japan but also overseas.

Point 02 A Wide Range of Products to Choose from
If you feel hesitant to try out the gold leaf treatment, the small and handy “Trial Size” is your choice. For the special day, use the special “Gold Mask” to nourish your entire face. The usual “Gold Leaf for Beauty” comes in an economical large box - the perfect choice for your weekly care. Find the right one for your beauty care needs.

Point 03 Mounted on the Release Paper for the Ease of Use with Bare Hands
Gold leaves are extremely thin - one ten-thousandths of a millimeter. Normally, only the experienced craftsmen using the special bamboo tool can handle them. In order to make gold leaves user-friendly, HAKUICHI mounted gold leaves on the special release paper. Now, you can give the gold leaf treatment to your face and body easily with your bare hands.

Point 04 ISO9001 for Your Safety and Comfort
HAKUICHI’s factories are certified with ISO9001. And gold leaves for cosmetics is produced at the food-grade factory where the hygiene standard is as strict as medicine-grade. HAKUICHI offers the quality gold leaves that are safe enough to eat directly from our own factory so that our price remains reasonable without adding any intermediary costs.

Watch the video: At Home SpaPamper Session (June 2022).