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Madalina Manole, also known as the Girl with the Fire Hair, died. Since some of her songs warmed my adolescence, I thought of dedicating a dessert recipe to her. God rest her!

  • A big orange
  • 1 half small banana
  • a few raspberries
  • half a small slice of watermelon
  • half a small slice of melon
  • a few pomegranate seeds
  • pt.sirop; 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon lime juice, a fresh mint leaf and a few drops of rum (optional, I do not put one but for my husband I put)

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION For "Girl with fiery hair":

With a very sharp and small knife so that we can easily handle it, cut a handle and zig zag edges from a large orange.

Chop the rest of the fruit into small cubes and mix lightly. Then fill the basket with this mixture.

It can be served so easily or you can make a syrup from: a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of lime juice, a fresh mint leaf and a drop of rum. Mix well and pour over the fruit.

Good for winter, when the hair degrades due to the contrast of the heat inside and the cold outside. In addition to being natural, it also has a pleasant, clean aroma.

& # 8211 2 teaspoons dried rosemary
& # 8211 boiling water & # 8211 a cup

Put the rosemary in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Allow to soak for a few hours, then strain and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Use on dry hair. & # 8222The liqueur & # 8221 will last a week if you keep it in the fridge.

How has the "Girl with Fire Hair" changed over the years?

"I met her a few years ago, when a friend had fallen in love with her. I don't know if the reciprocal was valid, because Madalina exuded a sadness hidden under her eyelids and her fiery hair and a coldness seemed to freeze her smile, even if it seemed "Happy and in love. Besides us, a bunch of lunatics, Madalina seemed like a ghost from another world. She was withdrawn, melancholy, and even though she often sang, because her lover begged her, the songs were sad and depressed us all."

Rarely have we had a sincere, heart-to-soul discussion, but we've had countless conversations, like between babes. She was polite and very, very reserved. At one point, she abandoned her friend who had set up a whole world for her, because she did not see herself sitting in vain in Monaco, in a house, and rubbing mint, surrounded by riches. She left him without any explanation, even though she may have loved him. He told me that it is difficult for him to start from elsewhere, as long as there is someone in Romania and the world respects him. Then I found her, as if more agitated, in the arms of Puiu, a good boy to put to the wound and who could not get out of his word. He went to find sponsors for the album and life was hard, money had dwindled and younger pees were "on the wave", better rated, better dressed, more successful. He knew that and he was suffering. At one point, we happened to meet the same doctor, because she and I desperately wanted children. She abandoned the doctor when the paparazzi caught her at the entrance and went to another, without giving any explanation. That's how she was, she never gave explanations.

Madalina was suffering from aging. She sometimes looked terrified in the mirror and told me she had wrinkles or a lump in her neck. I told her she was beautiful, she was also weak. We were to become Gentiles, because at one point, when he decided to marry Puiu, he wanted Prigoan and I to be his godparents. But she called to tell us she was postponing the wedding because she wasn't sure she wanted it, and then we kind of lost touch. I had already had a baby, not her, and I knew it hurt terribly that she didn't have a baby to hold. Then we met at a friends' party, when she had a bigger belly than her, she was happier than ever and danced side by side with everyone, although she had little to give birth to.

She was happy, I swear! Then I found out that she had a wedding with the baptism and I was happy for her, even though I knew she didn't have an easy life. I knew that she had financial difficulties, that she was no longer the star of the past, that the baby had not fulfilled her one hundred percent, I even suspected her, at one point, of postnatal depression and I told her to do something. She was silent and gave me no explanation, as usual. Unfortunately, it turned out that I was right and I swear I never really understood. Madalina remains an unanswered question without explanation & # 8221.

Aurelian Temișan: "All her artistic activity was dedicated and dedicated to the public"

"The years go by, we want it, we don't want it, but we still have these absolutely beautiful memories", said Aurelian Temișan, at Gândul Live.

"Now, a few years after her disappearance, let's realize that all her artistic activity has been dedicated and dedicated to the public. The irony of fate makes her day the day of her disappearance. We are talking about a man, he was a beautiful man who filled the halls in three seconds through the repertoire he had, through his absolutely transparent and extremely strong presence at the same time and through the way he electrified the audience when he started to sing ", Aurelian Temișan told.

"I have many memories with her and at the same time much less than others who, if you call her and ask her how Madalina was on the long road, on tours abroad, they will probably tell you the same thing: a wonderful man, a man of gang, a long-distance man ", said the artist.

"There are countries, like Russia, Italy, and they are not the only ones that idolize their artists, especially the artists of a certain age, whom they respect and from whom, even if they did not bring out something new, what they have released until then it is sung and super-sung and the calls they have to these huge artists are as great as when they were in vogue. We, unfortunately, are a country that laments to love from a distance, but we don't know how to show it. Especially when we talk about an artist, especially an artist at 40 and a little years old, when Madalina was, who a few years before filled stadiums without weight and suddenly found herself in a shadow that did not make her honestly, in a way her message is understandable, although even now, after 10 years, we do not accept the fact that that fateful moment came when she said goodbye to us ”, commented Aurelian Temișan.

Marius Niță: "Mădălina has achieved her goal as an artist"

"I can't believe that 10 years have passed, as if I see the images in front of Mădălina Manole's house, with all the press frozen by what had happened then. I'm glad that we are still talking about Madalina, 10 years after that fateful night and I think that her songs are still broadcast on certain radio stations, which means that Madalina has achieved her goal as an artist, because if I think, there are many other artists who have passed to the eternal ones and I actually forgot about them ", said, at Gândul Live, Marius Niță, journalist, TV director, who recalled the moments when he invited her to a show, and the artist refused, tormented by fear and complexes.

The psychologist Adriana Petrescu gave clarifications, at Gândul Live, about the difference between depression and sadness and the possible causes of this modern disease.

Many people confuse the terms and say "I have depression", maybe they don't have depression, but only sadness, others say they have nothing and have depression. Unfortunately, this modern disease, reactive depression, I think it's like a plague, it's worse than this plague that haunts us, because each of us has had it at least once in our life ", explained Adriana Petrescu, at Gândul Live.

"We need to clarify what is with depression: it is the decrease in serotonin levels, which is given by well-being, rest, air, light, happiness and food. Many studies have shown that sometimes the source of depression comes from our intestines, because we do not eat properly, which is why we upset the whole physiological system and the level of serotonin decreases ", the psychologist detailed, at Gândul Live.

The psychologist said that we are not used to asking for emotional support.

Psychologist: "Young people no longer have their lives, but have a socially rented life"

All the pressure from parents and society leads to a decompensation of serotonin, says the psychologist. "We see a lot of really depressed young people, because young people no longer have their lives, but have a socially rented life and society dictates how you should have life, at every stage: if you are a child you have to learn well, if you are a teenager you have to to be a student and choose a career, after which you must have a house, a car, a family, children and all that. Obviously, if you don't have them, because you do or want something else, society comes and puts a fantastic pressure ", Adriana Petrescu underlined.

"Society puts pressure on women who have round bones, because they are fat, it puts pressure on women who have 35 because they have no children or because they are not married, it puts pressure on those who have lost their jobs, it puts pressure on those who are sad. Think that when a person goes through a depression, he risks being fired, because people do not accept his emotional state, but somehow condemn his reactions, "concluded the psychologist.

Recommendations for sparse hair

Rare hair tends to thicken very easily, which is why specialists recommend frequent shampooing. Don't exaggerate, though! Excessive washing of the hair leads to the loss of natural oils in its composition. If you belong to the category of those with sparse hair, it would be ideal to wash it three times a week.

After washing, dry it with the hair dryer, which will give it volume.

Also, don't let it grow too much on the sides. Hair grown sideways draws attention to the central area of ​​the head, where hair grows harder. You will get the exact opposite effect to the one you want.

And another trick worth considering. Some types of haircuts for men with sparse hair are highlighted by the presence of the chin. So, wear short hair and let your beard grow. In this way, the attention on the hair will move to the level of the face.

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Girl with fiery hair

Magdalena-Anca Manole, who would become known as & bdquofata with fire hair & rdquo, was born on July 14, 1967, in the Prahova town of Valenii de Munte. In her musical career, she launched herself as Madalina Manole and became known both for her songs and for her personal life, which was not absent from the pages of newspapers until the last day of her life.

Madalina Manole was the first child of the couple Ion and Eugenia Manole, her brother being born a year later. The singer named Patricia Kaas from Romania became interested in music since childhood. Her mother, who sings folk music, instilled in her a passion for music, and Madalina Manole continued to cultivate her talent by taking guitar lessons. Ana Tetelea Ionescu, a folk music singer from Ploiesti, was the one who taught Madalina Manole the first guitar chords.

As a teenager, the fiery-haired girl became more and more present in the music world. In parallel, he continued his studies at the High School of Chemistry in Ploiesti. Between 1982 and 1985, Madalina Manole attended the Popular Art School. She was part of the group of students who had Mihaela Runceanu and Ionel Tudor as mentors.

Even though she had started to make her way in the music world, Madalina Manole also did the Baneasa Air Traffic Controllers School. Moreover, she also practiced in the field. For four years, he held the position of auxiliary air traffic controller. In the late '80s, Madalina Manole also flirted with cinema. She starred in the film & bdquoNelu & rdquo, directed by Dorin Doroftei, and the soundtrack of the film also included a song performed by her.

In the middle of the & # 3990s, Madalina Manole earned her nickname of & bdquofata with fiery hair & rdquo; A multinational company chose the singer to be the image of a shampoo that was launched then in Romania. In the advertisement for this shampoo, the spotlight made her hair have golden reflections, like fire.

Madalina Manole has been married twice. Her first husband was the composer Serban Gerogescu, 15 years older than her. Their relationship also had beautiful moments, but also some less pleasant ones. After the divorce, even the singer stated that she had days when she adored her husband and some days when she would have wanted to shoot him.

The second marriage seemed to have brought him happiness again. In 2009, at the age of 42, Madalina Manole gave birth to a baby boy, who was baptized on the same day as her wedding to her boyfriend, Petru Mircea.

On February 19, 2010, the artist released the last album of her career that ended in the same year. On her birthday, on July 14, when she turned 43, Madalina Manole committed suicide in her house in Otopeni. The National Institute of Forensic Medicine determined that the death occurred just minutes after it shut down a very powerful pesticide known as Furadan.

Hairstyles and haircuts for short hair

Short hair can be as sexy as long hair, it all depends on styling. You don't have to be an expert to arrange it, the dryer and styling products do all the work. Wear it combed backwards, ruffled or spiky, stretched or wavy, add a chic clip, any suitable style is also fashionable!

You are a nonconformist, so it is no wonder that your hair will stay in all the directions you want & ndash.

Do you want a sophisticated look? Opt for a stepped haircut and give as much volume to your hair.

For a fresh look, change the shape of the classic bean by cutting off its tips, then apply a styling spray.

Use a shiny spray for an elegant finish.

Before you decide to make a bangs, consult with a hair stylist to help you choose the best shape.

Bridge:Heated curlers are not just for people with long hair. They will give volume to short hair, helping you to create original hairstyles.

In the kit

  • L & rsquoOréal Paris Elsève Volume collagen, 16 lei, spray for volume and texturing
  • Kérastase Elixir Ultime, nourishing oil with anti-frizz effect, 138 lei
  • treatment for fortification, 14.99 lei, Avon
  • modeling and fixing gel, Nivea, 17.41 lei.

Bridge: Short hair is not only suitable for perfect ovals if you have a round or square face, you just have to adopt a longer haircut in front.

Your source of inspiration And you can have a star hairstyle!

& diams Michelle Williams
Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't wear a chic accessory. If you want a teenage look, grab a black velvet headband in your hair.

& diams Ginnifer Goodwin
Apply a styling foam on the hair and comb it to one side. Fold it into the desired shape and hold each crease with a clip, then remove it after the hair has dried.

How you fix your hair on your back

Even if the hair with soft hair is not exactly what we would like, in the case of haircuts with back hair, it has the advantage that it is arranged very easily. Unlike soft hair, coarse hair or wavy hair needs fixation. For this purpose, use hair wax with strong fixation.

Whether you have thin or coarse hair, whether you have short or long hair, the steps are the same. When you wash your head, comb your hair on your back. Apply shampoo, then conditioner, which you will distribute with the help of the comb to the back. Rinse your hair in the same direction, backwards, and respect the direction even when you take the excess water with a towel or when you dry it with a hair dryer. Therefore, all the operations that you will perform on your hair will have to be directed backwards.

Over time, the hair will "learn" to sit on its own in this direction.

Regardless of the consistency of the hair, follow the steps below:

& # 8211 When hair is still wet, apply hair wax. It should be evenly distributed, preferably with a comb

& # 8211 Dry your hair with the hair dryer from front to back. While you dry it, pass the comb through it respecting the front-back direction

& # 8211 If you have curls, use the comb with a dry measure, so as not to flatten them completely

& # 8211 When you start arranging it, use the brush and the hair dryer at the same time.

In the case of soft hair, it is not necessary to use a wax with a very strong fixation. If, however, you have rough or wavy hair, opt for a wax with ultra-strong fixation.

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To the basic recipe add 2 tablespoons of carrot juice, 1 tablespoon of grape seed oil, 1-2 tablespoons of avocado oil and mix. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes.

To the basic recipe add 1 tablespoon of sweet orange essential oil, lemon juice and apply on the problem area, wrap with plastic wrap. Leave the mask on for about an hour. While you do everything else your body will be busy with detoxification and weight loss.
So, run to the ceiling, call your friends for an evening "like between girls" and improvise a spa right at your home!

Careful: use the mask only once a week so as not to disturb the natural balance of the skin's pH.


In her songs we find ourselves over time, and Madalina Manole's emotions and longings touch those sensitive strings of nature, as only a great artist can transmit it through her work.

Those who knew her say that she was a sensitive man, with an extraordinary candor, who gave himself to the public with all his heart.

The "girl with fiery hair" had a destiny that left us, the latter, with an empty soul and a feeling of helplessness, when Madalina Manole chose the path to the angels.

Source: Electrecord Archive

So much has been written about the reasons for this choice to end her life, that we can only remember Madalina as she lived, deeply, completely, as an endless story. .


Madalina's artistic debut takes place at the end of the '80s, when the young graduate of the Popular Art School was part of the group that had Mihaela Runceanu and Ionel Tudor as mentors.

Also during this period, she met the composer Serban Georgescu in the halls of the Radio, the one who would propel her towards a fulminating career.

In 1988, the composer created his first song & # 8211 & # 8220A sentimental man & # 8221, but the artist's signature song, which we all hummed with nostalgia, & # 8221Dear Girl & # 8221 was released three years later.

There were busy periods, concerts, trips, and our artist was lost and found every time in his songs:

"There is no song you recorded before you loved it. It's not a song I don't find myself in for a while. In some I sang about my loves, in others about the stories of others & # 8230 In these compositions so many were found & # 8230 Not a single song that is my dearest.

Madalina's loves

Madalina Manole's love life has always been a reason for cancan, in view of her marriage to the composer Serban Georgescu, the artist's first great love.

The two married in 1994, but the age difference spoke for itself and the marriage ended in 2002, leaving the artist in immense pain. Rumors circulated about the reasons for the separation related to the composer's lack of fidelity.

The singer later found her happiness with Mircea Petru, a sound engineer, who fulfilled her greatest wish, that of becoming a mother.

In June 2009, little Petru junior was born, and in the autumn of the same year, the new parents got married.

About this new stage in the life of the beloved artist, Madalina confessed in an interview:

"I am the most blessed of women. I'm floating with happiness! From the moment I held Peter in my arms, at the maternity ward, I had the feeling that I was living another life. My only regret is that I have a feeling that time is running out too quickly. That's why I want to live at full intensity every hour spent with my family. I live the supreme fulfillment of any woman in the world. I am a mother in my turn and I can't wait to enjoy the thrill of my child's hugs and the first "I love you, mommy!"

The road to the angels

"Why?" is the question we were all left with in the summer of 2010, when Madalina chose her path to the angels. Coincidentally or not, the artist had just released a new album "09 Madalina Manole", with a song that seemed to send us a goodbye message, "Empty Soul":

Instead of concluding, we leave you with a thought, namely that people and all that is beautiful and good live through us, through what we choose to be and pass on.

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