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Vancouver’s Best Food Tours

Vancouver’s Best Food Tours

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From pub crawls to dim sum, these culinary tours will turn travelers into epicurean experts in no time

No matter if beer, wine, or sake is your tipple of choice or if you crave Chinese or Spanish tapas, there is a Vancouver food tour to suit all palates.

Vancouver’s culinary scene is expanding rapidly, but fortunately there are dozens of food tours that will quickly turn travelers into epicurean experts.

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Whether you prefer to tour and taste under the guidance of a professional chef or catch and cook your own meal, Vancouver’s diverse array of culinary tours offers something for everyone. The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts’ Granville Island Market Tour takes participants on a 90-minute walking tour through the Public Market, while those who wish to catch their meal can learn to trap crabs on the Swallow Tail Tours’ Catch and Cook Crab Tour.

While most of the tours are walking ones, those who seek to burn some calories while indulging in local food and wine pairings can hop on Cycle City Tours' Food Tour. Those with children or dietary restrictions can still participate with advance notice, as alternative drinks and dishes can be substituted.

No matter if beer, wine, or sake is your tipple of choice or if you crave Chinese or Spanish tapas, there is a Vancouver food tour to suit all palates.

Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Laden with iconic restaurants, quirky pubs, and historic dining rooms, you can’t experience Vancouver without eating and drinking your way through Gastown!

The Gastronomic Gastown Tour combines Gastown’s 100% locally-owned, totally-awesome restaurants with Vancouver’s picturesque points and riveting history.

4 Super Vancouver Restaurants

From savoury to sweet, this is an all-inclusive, progressive meal at 4 of Gastown’s best restaurants, complete with Vancouver craft beer, award-winning wine, and cocktail pairings!

You’ll weave through Gastown’s cobblestone maze, meet local restauranteurs, and indulge in a series of super-Vancouver foods like Pork Belly Crackling, Tempura Bacon Eggs, immaculate desserts and more!

Gastown’s Top Rated Food Tour

This is Gastown’s one-and-only designated Canadian Signature Experience! You’ll get an amazing meal, a charming local guide, and a historic city tour from one of the Forbes’ Top 9 Food Tours in the World.

To connect with the food, history and people that make Gastown great, a Vancouver Foodie Tour can’t be beat!

Get to know


Tour Highlights


You’ll get VIP Access to Gastown’s Best

Tuc’s Tempura Bacon Scotch Egg
Nicli’s Neopolitan-Style Pizza
Wildebeest’s Cocktails & more!

Alcohol pairings (+$38 CAD)

4 Pairings Featuring

Local Craft Beer
Award-Winning Wine
Gastown’s Famous Cocktails


You’ll Indulge in Local Favourites

Pork Belly Crackling
Tempura Bacon Scotch Eggs
Crispy Parsnip Fries & More!


You’ll See and Explore

Gastown Steam Clock
Woodwards Building
Blood Alley & more!


You’ll Finish on a Sweet Note

A Delectable Dessert
An Original Cocktail
An Afternoon of Delicious Memories

A Canadian Signature Experience

You’ll get a Friendly Local Guide and

A Printed Foodie City Guide
Exclusive Vancouver Discounts
Local Tips and Recommendations

An Official Canadian Signature Experience

This tour is officially designated by Destination Canada as a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience – a must-do Canadian activity!

Starting Location

Frequently Asked Questions

We love the idea of good surprise, but, if you’re curious to see the full tour menu of dishes and drinks, you can check out a version of the Gastronomic Gastown Tour menu here.

To note: We have a roster of tasting locations which have been awesome since before the Gastronomic Gastown Tour ever existed. We visit 4 of these restaurants on every 3-hour Gastown food tour: Tuc Craft Kitchen, Wildebeest, Nicli Antica Pizzeria, Meat and Bread, Sardine Can, Bauhaus and La Mezcaleria.

If these don’t ring a bell, give ‘em a Google – it’s a dynamite list that makes the Gastronomic Gastown Tour top notch!

Vegetarian and pescatarians – yes, if we know in advance! Simply note this in your online ticket purchase. Please note, we do not recommend tour for gluten-free or celiac diets. For more details on allergies/special requests, visit our FAQ page.

The Gastronomic Gastown Tour has a maximum group size of 16 guests.

Not at all – we have tasty non-alcohol pairings at every stop! Alcohol pairings are optional, for an additional $35. Simply specify your selection when you purchase your ticket online, as we make all arrangements in advance.

All of our Foodie Tours are like a progressive meal – in this case, a late lunch! At each stop, you’ll have 1-3 perfectly-sized signature dishes with a beverage pairing. By the end of the Foodie Tour, most guests are fully satisfied. For those with larger appetites, we recommend having something light prior to the Foodie Tour.

The Gastronomic Gastown Tour is Gastown’s one-and-only Canadian Signature Experience. Why? It’s the in-depth history, the amazing restaurants, and our top-notch tour guides. Find out how we designed the Gastronomic Gastown Tour here.

Our Money Back Guarantee

That’s right! If you don’t have an 100% awesome, totally fun and delicious Foodie Tour, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back!

“Although we’re both locals, we felt it was an adventurous way to put a new spin on the Vancouver dining experience! We’d do this in a heartbeat all over again! WOWZA!”

When I am not busy in the kitchen or classroom, you can find me at my computer, reading and writing about food. My food articles convey my passion for food and cooking. They celebrate the thrill of chasing down an exciting new ingredient, the joy of a lovingly shared recipe, or the simple pleasure of good eating. May you find many cooking tips, recipes of interest, and hours of reading enjoyment in the following articles.

Feature Resource: SUMMER

The Root Cellar

A perennial favourite among savvy South Island shoppers, The Root Cellar keeps getting better. True to its mission of 'Farm Fresh, Dirt Cheap,' this busy store combines the best of an open farm market experience with an in-house butcher, an expansive deli counter, coffee shop, ice cream stand, and so much more. Load up on produce from local Vancouver Island farms while eating a delicious sandwich and an ice cream :)

Feature Ingredient: SUMMER

Local Blueberries

Did you know that BC grows one of the largest crops of blueberries in the world? Our warm days and cool nights make for a perfect summer growing environment. Blueberries are my favourite fruit, hands-down, and I love to make the most of them while the season is high. Blueberries in my oatmeal, granola, smoothies, cottage cheese, muffins, pancakes. . . One of my favourite recipes is for fresh blueberry shortcake, which uses a combination of fresh and cooked berries for a flavour explosion.

Feature Event: SUMMER

Victoria Food Truck Festival

With six different local food trucks and a lovely sunny seating area, the Food Truck Festival inside the Royal BC Museum courtyard is a popular foodie destination. Running through to August 31st, come enjoy everything from juicy gourmet burgers and authentic taco plates, to pierogi plates, BBQwild salmon, and Caribbean fare!

Our Partners

We handpick every one of our tastings and tasting locations. These are foods we crave and places we genuinely love to visit with our own friends and family. We pay our tasting locations for the tour tastings and we work together as partners in making memorable experiences for our guests.

We have an amazing community and can’t wait for you to get to know the people and places that inspire us! Guests on Vancouver Foodie Tours get access to exclusive discounts to from our Tasting Locations and favourite attractions around the city. See the full list of perks here!

Gastronomic Gastown Tour Partners

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

62 E Cordova St, Vancouver
604 699 6985

Vancouver’s Best Pizzeria! Nicli holds an official “VPN Certification,” the world-class standard of traditional Neapolitan style pizza.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

60 West Cordova St, Vancouver
604 559 8999

A Gastown favourite for date night, bacon-wrapped eggs, plump mussels, and parsnip fries. A cozy, lofty dining room with premium wine and original cocktails!


370 Cambie St, Vancouver
604 566 9003

This Gastown original has taken the West Coast by storm. Their crispy porchetta sandwiches are a home run for meat-lovers!

La Mezcaleria

68 East Cordova St, Vancouver
778 379 6447

A fun and surprising tropical escape with Mexican street-style tacos, epic Queso Fundido, and flights of Mezcal. A staple in Gastown’s cocktail culture!


120 West Hastings St, Vancouver
604 687 6880

A prized dining room for carnivores, cocktail aficionados, and dessert lovers. Dinner features Canadian share plates of roasted elk, grilled bison, glazed boar…and the list goes on!

Sardine Can

26 Powell St, Vancouver
604 568 1350

A sardine can-sized Spanish tapas bar. Locals pull up a stool to sip sherry and unwind over garlic prawns, patatas bravas, and the daily specials.

Bauhaus Restuarant

1 Cordova St, Vancouver
604 974 1147

Vancouver’s destination for modern German fine dining. This stunning, art-centric dining room is filled with tantalizing smells of schnitzel, spaetzel, and out-of-this-world seasonal desserts!

West Coast Foodie Adventure

This three day, ultra-luxe, West Coast Foodie Adventure starts off in Vancouver’s historic Gastown, where you sample your way through some of the city’s finest culinary communities and then enjoy a night at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. The next morning, after a continental breakfast, a sea plane awaits to take you to take you on an island hopping odyssey first to Salt Spring Island on Harbour Air for a walking lunch tour and.

The Gastronomic Gastown Tour

We are honoured that the Gastronomic Gastown Tour is the exclusive Canadian Signature Experience in Gastown. With several Gastown tours and Gastown food tours in the community, we thought to share some insight on what makes this particular Vancouver Foodie Tour so unique.

1. This is a historical tour, paired with exceptionally delicious local food.

Gastown is the birthplace of Vancouver. You can learn so much about a city from its history, so we’re really passionate about sharing Gastown’s story.

When we first launched the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, we assembled a team to dig deep into Gastown’s history, researching through books, tours, and historians.

Approximately 330 hours of research laid the groundwork for our Gastown tour. Then, we designed an 8-week intensive training program for our Gastown food tour guides and invited Gastown experts to see if there was anything we missed.

When you join the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, you’re actually getting an in depth guided tour through Gastown’s history and architecture, along with a memorable meal!

2. We’ve partnered with Gastown restaurants that give the neighbourhood its charm.

Gastown is Vancouver’s #1 restaurant district – eating is the #1 thing to do! As a Gastown food tour, there are infinite possibilities of where to bring guests.

For Foodie Tours, we showcase places that make Gastown Gastown – a casual, delicious, historic district, known for food and alive with entrepreneurial energy. Our tasting locations are:

1) 100% locally-owned, heritage dining rooms
2) Original Vancouver concepts, with wicked food that locals love

And, let’s not forget the craft beer, wine, and cocktail pairings…because that’s the spirit of ol’ Gassy Jack.

We have a roster of 5 tasting locations which have been awesome since before the Gastronomic Gastown Tour ever existed. We visit 4 restaurants on every 3-hour Gastown food tour: Tuc Craft Kitchen, Wildebeest, Nicli Antica Pizzeria, Meat and Bread, and La Mezcaleria.

Many of our partners win “Best Gastown Restaurant” awards each year. When you join us, you taste the best of the best. If these restaurants don’t ring a bell, give ‘em a Google – it’s a dynamite list that makes the Gastronomic Gastown Tour top notch!

3. Serving ultimate-combo-plates-of-deliciousness…

We’ve worked with each restaurant to assemble a perfectly portioned plate of their signature items. For example, at Tuc Craft Kitchen you’ll have a bowl of Pork Belly Cracklings, Parsnip Fries, a Bacon-Wrapped Tempura Scotch Egg, and a glass of British Columbia wine.

We’re able to offer these ultimate-combo-foodie-tour-exclusive-plates-of-awesomeness by paying our tasting locations for all food and drink tastings. A food tour is nothing without great food, so this is one way that we maintain win-win relationships with the restaurants that we work with!

Foodie Tour Guide, Miguel, saying “Cheers!” with guests at Meat & Bread in Gastown.

4. Take a seat and we’re ready to eat.

As with all Vancouver Foodie Tours, table reservations, food, and drink pairings are coordinated in advance. It’s 100% stress-free dining – you won’t be eating on the street or waiting in line. Take a seat and get ready to eat!

5. Of course, there’s more to explore!

The Gastronomic Gastown Tour is just 3 hours, so we make no secret that there’s more to explore in Gastown! In addition to the candid recommendations you’ll receive from our Foodie Tour Guides, we also designed a 12-Page Printed Guide that includes a Gastown foodie map, recommendations at our favourite Gastown restaurants, and exclusive discounts in the neighbourhood.

This booklet is available exclusively to Gastronomic Gastown Tour guests and we haven’t found anything like it on other tours!

Tip: If you want to make full use of your Gastronomic Gastown Tour, join us at the beginning of your trip! We hope to see you soon!

World’s Best Food Truck Tour

Don’t let the wheels fool you – Vancouver food trucks are seriously gourmet!

Vancouver’s street fare is an explosion of multicultural flavours made with BC’s top-notch ingredients.


We start with a juicy, saucy, Berkshire pork hot dog topped with seaweed flakes…it’s the pride of Vancouver, Japadog!

From Mom’s Grilled Cheese to Crispy Fish Tacos, we taste why Vancouver is one of North America’s top food truck cities!


Ready to skip the lines and beeline for Vancouver’s best?

Join us to experience summer in the heart of downtown with one of the most mind-blowing lunch experiences you’ll ever have!

Get to Know


Tour Highlights


You’ll Skip the Lines and

Indulge in Gourmet Street Food
Meet the Food Truck Crews
And Soak Up the Summer!

Tacofino’s Fish Tacos

You’ll Dive In for the Signature

Crispy Battered Ling Cod
Fresh Salsa Fresca
It’s Vancouver’s #1 Fish Taco!

Instagrammable Eats

You’ll Get Great Shots of

Ooey-Gooey Grilled Cheese
Double Chocolate Cookies
Colourful Food Truck Art & more!

Iconic VANCOUVER Landmarks

You’ll See and Explore

Robson Square
Downtown Gardens
Vancouver’s Bike Lanes & more!

World-Famous Japanese Hot Dogs

You’ll Experience Japadog

Berkshire Pork Hot Dog
Terimayo, Onions and Seaweed
(It’s the Pride of Vancouver!)


You’ll get a Friendly Local Guide and

A Printed Foodie Map
Exclusive Dining Discounts
Local Tips and Recommendations

Starting Location

Frequently Asked Questions

Vegetarian and pescetarians – yes, if we know in advance! Simply note this in your online ticket purchase. For more details on allergies/special requests, visit our FAQ page.

The World’s Best Food Truck Tour has a maximum group size of 15 guests.

We offer a $10 discount for children 3-12 years old.

All of our Foodie Tours are like a progressive meal – in this case, lunch! At each truck, you’ll have a perfectly-sized portion of their signature dish. By the end of the Foodie Tour, most guests are fully satisfied. For those with larger appetites, we recommend having something light prior to the tour. We do recommend bringing a bottle of water!

Like true Vancouverites, we’re on, rain or shine! This Foodie Tour is almost 100% outdoors, so it’s handy to bring an umbrella on a cloudy day.

Our Money Back Guarantee

That’s right! If you don’t have an 100% awesome, totally fun and delicious Foodie Tour, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back!

“What a great way to explore downtown Vancouver! We learned a lot about food trucks, some architecture, art and history. The food was OUTSTANDING!”

11 Vancouver Specialties and Where to Eat Them

Coastal and multicultural are the flavours of Vancouver’s most recognized specialties. To get to know the unique bites (and sips) Vancouverites love to munch, start with these eleven favorites:

Vancouver’s original most-talked-about food cart serves Japanese-inspired hotdogs. Bask in the salty, sweet, and spicy tastes of seaweed flakes, teriyaki sauce, miso, wasabi and kimchi. There are multiple locations in downtown Vancouver, including an indoor location at 530 Robson.

Japadog | Photo: are you gonna eat that | Flickr

British Columbia’s signature sushi roll is done in many ways, but the one consistent ingredient is grilled savoury and chewy salmon skin. Get them at just about any sushi joint in Vancouver.

B.C. Rolls | Photo: Leila Kwok

Busy Vancouverites are often particular about their favorite liquid pick-me-up, and love their pour-overs and flavoured espresso drinks. Some local chains to try are Milano Coffee, 49th Parallel, and JJ Bean. But don’t forget the many cozy independent shops to be found who take their coffee very seriously. Try soy or almond milk to replace traditional milk and cream at almost any place you find – dairy-free options are standard here!

Coffee | Photo: protographer23 | Flickr

Salmon Candy

B.C. smoked salmon glazed with maple syrup or local honey is smokey, salty, sweet, and impossible to stop eating once you’ve started. If you want to save some as a gift for family back home, make sure you get a little extra for yourself – more than you thought you needed even, It is seriously addictive! You can find it at Granville Island Public Market and Fish Counter on Main Street.

Salmon Candy | Photo: Carol M Chan

Spot Prawns

These beautiful pink creatures are large, sweet shrimp fished in the waters surrounding Vancouver in the month of May. Most fine restaurants in Vancouver serve fresh prawns when available, such as Yew at the Four Seasons Hotel, and the annual Spot Prawn Festival is held every year on Granville Island.

Spot Prawns | Photo: West Restauraunt

West Coast Oysters

West coast oysters are a taste of the freshness of the ocean itself. Kumamoto, Kusshi, and Fanny Bay are some of our local varieties, and oyster houses will have a variety to try, along with knowledgeable servers who can recommend a type for every taste. Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House, Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar, and Merchants Oyster Bar are excellent places to start.

Oysters | Photo: Joe Fortes

Dungeness Crab

Large meaty crabs are harvested along the west coast, and trapping them yourself for dinner is a local pastime, but you don’t need to get in the water to enjoy them in many local restaurants. Some great places to try Dungeness Crab are Blue Water Café & Raw Bar or Hawksworth.

Indigenous Cuisine

Salmon, fiddleheads, elk, and other native west coast foods make for a warm and hearty meal. Indigenous foods are proof that the land was rich with delicious ingredients and diverse flavours long before we called it “Vancouver.” One place to try it is Salmon n’Bannock Bistro.

First Nations Cuisine | Photo: Degan Walters

Chinese Cuisine and Dim Sum

Richmond, where the native Chinese languages-speaking population is over 40%, is considered to have some of the best Chinese food outside of China. In Vancouver, you can get a taste in Chinatown. Places such as Floata Seafood Restaurant serve excellent dim sum as well as a variety of traditional and modern dishes.

Chinese Cuisine and Dim Sum | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Japanese Ramen and Izakaya

There are few things cozier than tucking into a steaming bowl of ramen, or gathering with friends and sharing hot sake and a table full of various izakaya dishes. Izakaya is a tradition originating from sake shops in the Edo period (1603-1867) where customers could sit down for drinks and bites. Today in Vancouver, izakaya is a range of diverse Japanese bites with a flourish of Japanese spirit -infused beverages. You can find it all over Vancouver, but particularly in the West End neighbourhood, at places such as Kingyo on Denman.

Izakaya | Photo: Kingyo on Denman

Famous Cuisine: Vij’s Curry and Tojo’s Sushi

Vikram Vij and Hidekazu Tojo are two of Vancouver’s most iconic chefs, lauded by everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Martha Stewart. Vikram Vij has restaurants in Vancouver and Surrey. Tojo’s is located in West Broadway in Vancouver.

Tojo’s | Photo: Leila Kwok

Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Xian

Portland, OR

Get 10% off if you book multiple tours online!

Meet your resident food nerds.

Explore Beijing’s hidden Hutongs, the rice paddies surrounding Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, or the private kitchens of up-and-coming Portland chefs. We go further to find these lost plates and bring them to your table.

Totally Immerse Yourself in Food.

Extremely delicious food is the bare minimum. Get an eclectic taste of dishes and learn about the origins of recipes to see why they are the local’s favorites.

As Featured In:

"Hidden in the city's back-alley neighboorhoods"