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Food Truck-Goers Will Soon Be Able to Pay Using Apple Pay

Food Truck-Goers Will Soon Be Able to Pay Using Apple Pay

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This is made possible by PayAnywhere, a device that reads credit card and Apple Pay

PayAnywhere allows people to pay using their credit card and Apple Pay.

Many restaurants, including Panera, Starbucks, and Chipotle, now offer Apple Pay, as does Jet Blue for in-flight snacks. Soon, some food trucks will adopt the increasingly popular payment method.

PayAnywhere is teaming up with Apple Pay to allow people to pay for food at non-traditional places, such as food trucks or food stalls. They will start accepting Apple Pay beginning in September.

The PayAnywhere device, which costs $39.95, can be plugged into iPhones or iPads to allow customers to pay using credit card.

Apple Pay allows customers to store credit card information on their iPhone or iPad. To pay, they simply wave their device in front of PayAnywhere’s New Field Communication antenna and hold down the Touch ID area on the screen.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, demonstrated a payment using PayAnywhere at Lil Burma, a food truck in San Francisco, waving both her Applewatch and an iPhone 6 in front of an iPad equipped with the device.

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