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Rabbit with champinion mushrooms

Rabbit with champinion mushrooms

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It is one of the classic recipes of French cuisine, a fragrant and easy to make food that reconciles all tastes.

  • For 4 people we need
  • 4 large pieces of rabbit meat,
  • a tablespoon of flour,
  • 300 grams of mushrooms,
  • 50 ml white wine,
  • 100 ml water
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil,
  • a spoonful of sweet paprika,
  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • greenery depending on preference.

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Rabbit with champinion mushrooms:

wash and squeeze the pieces of meat, season them and pass them through a thin layer of flour.

Heat the oil and when it is ready, add the pieces of meat and let them brown a little. After they have browned, add water and wine, put a spoonful of paprika and let them simmer.

Let the meat boil, covered with a lid for 15-20 minutes. After that we add the mushrooms and leave with the lid on for another 10 minutes, I didn't add any more water because they left the mushrooms. Let the water drop, add more spices at the end if necessary and add a tablespoon of chopped greens (I put celery and sage).

Serve hot with whatever garnish you want, I made mashed potatoes this time.

For mushroom lovers! Top 4 delicious salads with mushrooms.

Mushroom salad should not be missing from the New Year's table, that's why the team Bucă offers you 4 delicious recipes for mushroom salads, which are very easy to prepare and will be to the liking of those who love champignon mushrooms. Mushroom salads are very tasty, hearty and appetizing, prepared from affordable ingredients and will be appreciated on the holiday table.

1. Chicken breast salad, fresh cucumbers and canned mushrooms


-2-3 pieces of boiled chicken breast

-1 small box of canned mushrooms


1. Cut the chicken breast, cucumber and onion into cubes. Drain the water from the mushrooms and cut them, if necessary. Put the cheese through the small grater. Remove the yolks from the eggs, cut the egg whites into strips.

2. Place the ingredients in a bowl in layers: egg whites, chicken breast, onion, cucumber, mushrooms, cheese, greasing with mayonnaise, if necessary. Spread mayonnaise on top and sprinkle with grated egg yolks.

2. Salad & # 8220Regala & # 8221



1. Place the ingredients in layers, greasing them with mayonnaise.

2. Put the diced potatoes and grease with mayonnaise.

3. Place the fried onions with onion on top (you can use fresh mushrooms, dried and boiled or canned mushrooms). I didn't grease this layer with mayonnaise.

4. Put the finely chopped eggs and grease with mayonnaise.

5. Place the smoked salami or chopped ham on top and grease with mayonnaise.

6. Sprinkle with boiled carrots, grease with mayonnaise.

7. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

3. Salad & # 8220Sweet & # 8221


-1 pack of crab sticks (12 pieces)

-boiled egg yolk, carrot, mushrooms, dill and lettuce for decoration


1. Cut the onions in half.

2. Fry them in oil until golden brown.

3. Cut the mushrooms into cubes.

4. Fry the mushrooms until they form a crust and salt them.

5. Cut the crab sticks into thin strips.

6. Fry the crab sticks in the pan.

7. Cut the boiled carrots into cubes.

9. Mix all ingredients.

10. Season the salad with mayonnaise.

11. Place the salad in a bowl and garnish with egg yolk, carrot, mushrooms, dill and lettuce.

4. Salad & # 8220Mushrooms under the duvet & # 8221



1. Choose the mushrooms, wash them, cut them and fry them in the pan with the onion.

2. Put the boiled potatoes, eggs, pickles and cheese through the large grater.

How to cook rabbit meat. The best recipe

Rabbit meat has the lowest levels of calories, saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also rich in proteins needed by the human body. From rabbit meat you can cook a lot of recipes, in this article you will learn how to cook rabbit meat with olives.

The recipe is designed for six servings and can be cooked in just 60 minutes.

Rabbit meat, a superfood

Nutritionists recommend that you include rabbit meat in your diet, as it is a healthy alternative to chicken, pork or beef.

Low in cholesterol and fat, rabbit meat is a rich source of protein, calcium and certain B-complex vitamins. How do you know if a rabbit carcass in the store is fresh, how do you slice and cook it? how you can raise rabbits yourself in the household, find out from the following material.

Rabbit meat and its nutritional value

Compared to other types of meat, rabbit meat is a much richer source of calcium and phosphorus, plus it has a much lower content of fat, cholesterol, sodium and iron.

Rabbit meat has an excellent intake of protein, vitamins B3 and B12 and has a low level of saturated fatty acids or, more simply, "harmful" to health. Instead, it is a much better source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 compared to other types of meat. On the other hand, beef has a higher cholesterol content, double that of rabbit, while pork is much richer in fat.

Practical tips when buying rabbit meat

As with any type of meat, it is recommended to look carefully and see if the product is fresh or not:

  • eyes - just like fish meat, and the rabbit's eyes should be clear and bright
  • meat - no bruises, blows. If the kidneys are still inside the body, notice if they still retain a layer of (white) fat around them. This indicates that the rabbit was healthy and young.
  • the smell - it's fresh
  • live rabbit - if you want to buy a live rabbit, to cut it in your own household, it is good to check many more aspects: no crusts formed around the eyes, the ears to be clean, the teeth to be healthy, etc.
  • provenance - if possible, ask the seller where and under what conditions the rabbit was raised before slaughter

How do you portion a rabbit carcass?

If you haven't already bought it lean, here are the basic steps you can take to get the pieces of meat cut right:

Step one: You lay the whole rabbit on its back, then grabbed one of its lower legs. Go with the knife on the line between the base of the foot and the rest of the body. Cut until you take it off. Repeat the same process with the other leg.

Step two: With one hand, you grab the upper paws. With the other hand, place the knife under them, exactly next to the first rib, and at the same time be perpendicular to the rest of the body. Cut until the whole portion comes off.

Another option is to cut them directly, more precisely to remove them from the rib area. If you have a rabbit carcass with organs, it is good to take them out.

Step three: Now that you have separated the front legs from the rest of the body (back), you come back to them once again. Place the knife on the middle line between the ribs and start cutting.

How can you clean and store the case and organs?

The first step is to leave the rabbit carcass in cold water in which you added two tablespoons of salt for half an hour. This helps to remove blood from the meat. The next step is to wash the meat, then slice it. It is recommended to put the rabbit pieces in bags for storage in the freezer, especially if you are not going to cook them immediately. When it comes to rabbit organs, it's a good idea to wash them and then put them in the freezer.

How can you cook rabbit meat?

If you prepare it correctly, the meat will become juicy and tender. Legs, of course, are harder to cook, but are generally the most consumed part of the rabbit. Meat from a young rabbit is more suitable for baking, while mature meat needs to be cooked over low heat. A little advice is to let the preparation cool, after it is ready, to retain its juice and to keep it tender. There are countless delicious recipes, from stew and salted puddings to terrine and rabbit confit.

Are you a beginner in the kitchen? We have the secret of baking rabbit steak for you. We don't mind if you pass it on!

In addition, we offer you two ideas for the Easter meal with which to delight your loved ones.

How do you raise a rabbit in the household for self-consumption?

Rabbits are unpretentious animals, so you can ensure a decent living from their breeding and slaughter.

First, you will research the market and look for certain breeds of rabbits for meat. Then they can be raised together and separately, depending on your choice. In summer it is important to always stay hydrated and stay in cool shelters. Regardless of the season, the "house" of the rabbits must always be clean. Rabbit food is largely based on weeds, grass, vegetables (carrots, potatoes, radishes), soybeans, alfalfa, clover, peanuts, oats, barley, rye, etc. with a little salt sprinkled over them.

Vaccination of rabbits is mandatory!

In a 2017 study, a team of researchers grouped rabbits into three categories: those that will be fed alfalfa, those that will be fed 3.5% flaxseed, and those that will be fed. will double the amount of flax seeds. Along the way, ingestion of flax seeds greatly influenced their pH, protein structure, fats and the concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Compared to study participants who ate chicken, others who introduced 7% flaxseed-fed rabbit meat into their diet had low blood cholesterol and triglycerides (another type of fat).

With a little effort and time, you can start to have a healthier lifestyle by eating more. rabbit meat.

We prepare the ingredients for the tuna meatballs with mushrooms and other vegetables

Preparation Tuna meatballs with mushrooms and other vegetables

If you prefer tuna meatballs with eggs in the composition, I recommend the recipe Tuna meatballs with mushrooms, or recipe Tuna meatballs with sweet corn.

You can also follow my recipes on the page Facebook, but I'm waiting for you with culinary surprises and on Instagram.

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