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LaMaserati Concept Hyper Car Fit For Gotham City

LaMaserati Concept Hyper Car Fit For Gotham City

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Maserati's are already pretty darn cool, but not cool enough for Mark Hostler. The designer created the concept "LaMaserati" hyper car as a response to the LaFerrari supercar unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year. Keeping the same V12 engine (though the KERS system was removed to keep it light), the futuristic luxury auto was designed to represent Maserati's dedication to elegant performance.


According to Yanko Design, the concept was built in the same way the "Maserati MC12 was built around the Ferrari Enzo." The airflow-inspired body is full of smooth surfaces, sweeping lines, and an aggressive front end, all seeming to encase the car in a manner fit for Batman. LaMaserati is a pretty stunning car and looks good enough to make a real version.


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