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Choose Edible Candles for Your Next Party

Choose Edible Candles for Your Next Party

A better use for that obnoxious log of processed cheese

Pecans are perfect candle centers

There’s a new way to get creative and shock your guests at your next dinner party—decorating the room with homemade edible candles. Okay, after you find out exactly how these candles are made, you may not be necessarily chowing down on them, but it’s an excellent way to get table conversation starting and a fun way to incorporate some creativity into your décor.

Simply take a processed cheese log, cut it in any shape you like (a great way to use the lonely un-used cookie cutters buried in your drawer!), drill a hole in the center with an apple corer, fill with nuts of choice (whatever you have in the house works, although pecans work the best), and light! You may be shocked, but the fire stays lit by the oil in the nuts for a shockingly long time. In case you are still skeptical here is a step-by-step video demonstration. Check out the Food Network Kitchens Experiment for a visual guide.

9 DIY Candles That Will Make Your House Smell Amazing

Add a festive fragrance to your home with these fun homemade candle ideas.

Homemade candles can be enjoyed all year long in your home, from your living room to your back deck. Grab a jar, a teacup or whatever quirky container you prefer, and get to melting. In less than 30 minutes, the relaxing aroma of your new candles will have you running to the store for more supplies.

Give these easy 9 DIY candle making recipes a try!

1. Citronella Candles

When it comes to making candles for the outdoors, this citronella candle recipe will not only make your backyard smell amazing, it will also help keep those pesky mosquitos away. Make a large batch of these DIY citronella candles for those evenings when you want to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio or have friends over for a barbecue.

2. Pressed Herb Candles

If relaxation is what you’re after, these pressed herb candles are just what you need. Fill your home with the sweet scent of lavender or give them as a gift by topping these cute candles off with twine or ribbon.

3. Color Block Crayon Candles

Who doesn’t love a fun pop of color? These bold crayon candles are great decorative pieces you can customize for holidays, parties, or for your home. Stick to the simple three color combo, or take the project in your own direction to create a design that you’ll love.

4. Tea Infused Candles

The next time you’re craving a peaceful atmosphere, try filling your home with the soothing aroma of essential oils infused with tea. These all natural, DIY tea infused scented candles will offer you the calm environment you’ve been dreaming about all week long.

5. Natural Beeswax Candles

Natural beeswax has a sweet, unique smell that does not need the enhancement of essential oils or fresh herbs. For a chic, vintage look, use an old mason jar as a container for a beautiful, golden homemade beeswax candle.

6. Seashell Candles

For all of you beach lovers out there, gather up some of those shells you’ve collected over the years and fill them up with a simple wax mixture to DIY these beachy candles. Choose essential oils that bring back memories of the ocean breeze, and set sail for an afternoon filled with nautical daydreams.

7. French Vanilla Candles

Imagine coming home to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and French vanilla. These nearly-edible DIY candles create an irresistibly delicious fragrance to make your home extra cozy on those cooler summer nights.

8. Vintage Teacup Candles

Old teacups can be both classy and quirky. Head to your local thrift store to find your favorite teacups and fill them up with the homemade candle recipe of your choice. Use these DIY vintage teacup candles to dress up your coffee table or as a finishing touch to a wedding centerpiece.

9. Funfetti Candles

If you have a sweet tooth, give these colorful cupcake scented candles a try! These festive DIY funfetti candles are a great gift for a friend, favor for a baby shower, or decoration for a birthday party.

Have you tried DIY-ing scented candles? Tell us your favorite scent in the comments below!

Crafting in Winter for Garden Therapy

If, like me, you think decorating for the holidays is a great way to get some needed Garden Therapy in the winter months, then this project will warm your heart. Just walking around your garden you will surely find beautiful branches, berries, and leaves that can make the winter more cheery. Here is a great list of the Best Garden Greenery for Holiday Decorating (and Which Ones to Avoid) to get your project started on the right foot. Although as you are preserving the greens (and reds, and purples) in frozen ice, then you can really choose whatever appeals most to you. The tips in that other article for properly cutting the greens and some ideas of what plants to use, might be helpful though!

Magical Candle Crafting: Create Your Own Candles for Spells & Rituals

Would you like to add a spark of enchantment to your spiritual path and light up your home with a special, warm glow? Candle making is a fun and powerful way to infuse personal energy into your practice and your life.

Filled with creative candle recipes and spells, Magical Candle Crafting is a friendly, hands-on guide to making votive candles using inexpensive, easy-to-find items. Ember Grant takes you through each step, from mixing and pouring the wax to choosing magically potent ingredients to charging your candle with energy. Learn to craft candles for rituals specific to the elements, days of the week, chakras, moon phases, planets, and all sabbats on the Wheel of the Year. Discover how to make spell candles for prosperity, love, romance, healing, inspiration, and each of your goals. Further empower your creations with timing guidelines, plus:

12 Massage Candles That&rsquoll Heat Up Your Sex Life In More Ways Than One

Because candles aren&rsquot just for fictional romances.

Setting a little mood lighting before getting to the action is never a bad idea&mdashespecially if the sultry ambiance is courtesy of candles that melt down into massage oils. Not only are massage candles super romantic, but they&rsquoll also allow you to incorporate some handsy foreplay into the mix.

If a partner is willing and open to sex, but not turned on atm, massage candles can help, says Megan Fleming, PhD, a clinical psychologist specializing in sex and relationships. &ldquoIt&rsquos through the massage, through the touch, that the body goes, 'Oh, this feels good, this feels nice,' and the arousal kicks in," she says. "So then the desire builds."

If this sounds a little like wax play, you wouldn&rsquot be wrong. Like candles used in wax play, massage candles are a great option for people who are also interested in temperature play. The major difference is that, unlike the wax from the paraffin and soy candles used in wax play, which hardens on the body, massage candles melt down into body-safe oils that are meant to be absorbed by the skin.

If you want to try massage candles, rub the oil on your own hand first before dripping it on your partner&rsquos back, suggests Fleming. The shock and intensity of the warm oil can up the steaminess of romp, but it might also get painful if the temps are too high for your partner. Once you find a temperature that works for you both, &ldquoexplore and experiment and see what feels great,&rdquo by running your fingers along your partner&rsquos body, says Fleming.

Ahead, a list of 12 massage candles that will take your night from routine to romance-novel level real quick.

Pink Love Four Inch Spell Candle. Dressed with Altar Oil, Roses, and Herbs Ready for Ritual. Pink Dressed Spell Candle.

Другие тоже интересуются этим изделием. Сейчас это изделие находится в корзине у следующего числа людей: 13.

Материалы: love and light, intention, oils, herbs and spices, rose petals, beeswax

Read the full description

You will receive 1 dressed candle with your order.

Spell candles are MUCH SMALLER than regular taper candles. Our candles are 4 inches tall and just under 1/2 inch wide. They are highly charged with a lot of energy and intention specific to each person who orders. The flames burn high and fast - about 30 minutes - so that the spell caster can follow through with their spell in one sitting easily. These are NOT dinner candles. These are NOT 6” candles. These are NOT “mini versions” of anything. They are spell candles. Anointed and dressed with oils and herbs specific to their individual purpose.

These 4” pink wax candles have been dressed with a blend of altar oils and herbs. They are ready to use in your love or romance spells and are full of love and attraction energy and intention.

While dressing my candles, I perform my own ceremony in which I cleanse and protect my sacred space. I then light incense preferential to the Deity that I am working with.

I have my own specific technique for dressing my candles which includes adding altar oils and herbs & resins. I then Invoke a Goddess to carry forth the intention of the spell candles purpose. Finally I ask that the Goddess only allow the candle to bring love and light to the person who is using it.

For these candles I invoked the Goddess Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Use These Candles in Spells to:

Draw New Love to You
Attract Specific Person
Increase Self Love
Increase Romance with Partner
Healing Emotional Wounds
Friendship Spells
Family Matters

These Edible Flower Cookbooks Are Bloomin' Additions To Your Collection

The presentation of your dish is just as important as the taste of it. A fun way to transform your meals from OK to totally Insta-worthy is by using edible flowers. And if you're looking to upgrade your skills in the kitchen, you might want to grab a few edible flower cookbooks to know just what ingredients to use. There's a lot more that goes into incorporating floral accents into your food than just placing a few vibrant blooms on your plate for decor.

Not only can you add certain flowers to your dishes and beverages, but you can also learn how to create realistic-looking flowers out of buttercream for your desserts. Soon enough, your dishes and drinks will look like something straight out of a food magazine. All you need to do to get started is add any of these edible flower cookbooks to your kitchen shelf. There's a variety of books to choose from, whether you're looking for sweet treats for your next date night at home, or full meals for a garden dinner party with your roomies.

Since your blooming eats and sips will be the definition of Instagram-worthy, you'll want to keep a few flower captions on hand for the foodie pics you'll be snapping. As soon as you post, you'll start to see all the lilacs start to roll in.

Shaping your Cake

Sometimes a great decorated creation is all in shaping your cake. When you transform a 13x9 into two triangles and form it into a Christmas tree you have an entirely different look.
If you cut two circle cakes into shapes creating a heart like so.

Another time I made an Egyptian mummy and a rocket ship. A butterfly can be made by cutting two triangles out of a 13x9 pan and using a small loaf pan. Your small pan is the body turn the triangles to form wings.

A snake or caterpillar can be formed out of pieces of Bundt pan. It is a lot of fun to transform a simple cake into something totally different. I think that is why I enjoy this method the most.

You can make your own pattern for shaping the cake by finding a picture such as a coloring book page or coloring page on the internet. Cut the outline of your picture out. Lay the picture on your cake and trace with a toothpick. Cut out your design and decorate as you'd like.

Once you cut your design out it is a matter of frosting the sides and top, then decorating as you choose.

You can use candy to make faces or pipe a simple face with icing.

A few tips before you cut your cake for shaping

  • Bake a day before and chill or freeze cake overnight. Allow to unthaw just slightly. It is easier to cut cool.
  • Use a bread knife for cutting.
  • Plan out on paper your design or make a pattern if needed before cutting.

DIY Candy Bar

Dessert bars and candy stations have become a popular part of weddings. Throwback to your childhood and let guests package up their favorite treats—using tongs and scoopers, of course—to enjoy on the way home from the reception.

Step 4: Stir, Stiffen, & Make Your Candle

Keep stirring the essential oils and color so that they don't separate. Stir until the mixture begins to thicken and solidify—a stiffer mixture helps to keep the wick standing upright. Once it starts to harden, pour the shortening into your candle holder and smooth it out.

Now give it a little time to set, and you're all done.

Panpuri candles

Each olfactory key offered by Panpuri is designed to evoke a memory, a nostalgic emotion on a moment anchored in us.

The two candles that I have integrated are Andaman Sails and Siamese Water.

Andaman Sails Scented Candle

The Andaman Sails candle comes in blue packaging. Even without turning it on, it captivates.

Andaman Sails tells the story of the Andaman Sea bordering the Thai coast : the serenity of the waves, the emerald waters and the sensation of the sun&rsquos rays touching the skin.

The notes that make up this candle are bergamot, green tea and nutmeg. Sandalwood envelops you like a refreshing wave.

When I turn it on, I have the feeling of having a man at home (yes, yes ! It is similar to certain masculine fragrances based on sandalwood and I love it !). It is wooded and fresh &ndash as if I was walking by the water on the beach and I was dreaming of my summer crush.

Siamese Water Scented Candle

Siamese Water is the olfactory signature of Panpuri products. It stands out with its almond green packaging.

It takes us to discover the kingdom of Siam. This fragrance combines floral notes of jasmine absolute, jasmine with ylang-ylang flower petals and peppermint.

This association is simply divine : fresh, feminine, sensual &ndash it combines some of my favorite notes in perfumery. Upon ignition, we travel and relax.

Watch the video: ΚΕΡΙΑ (January 2022).