Pancakes with jams

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The pancakes always seemed easy to make, you just have to hit the consistency of the dough, they should be neither too thin to break, nor too thick.

I first mixed the eggs, then added the milk, mineral water and salt. I added the flour in the rain, mixing quickly, so that the dough does not form lumps.

I heated the pancake pan and greased it with a little oil. I wiped the excess with a napkin.

I took a pancake from the composition of the pancakes and poured it into the pan, after which I rotated the pan so as to cover its surface evenly.

When the pancake is browned enough on one side, the edges come off easily from the pan. It's time to turn it over. Either with a paddle or by blowing it in the air, be careful not to break it.

As I made the pancakes, I added a little more mineral water to thin the composition.

If you think you still need it, grease the pan with oil once more, so that the composition does not stick.

From the ingredients listed above, about 20 cute pancakes came out. Dragalase I say, because I made them in a pan with a fairly small diameter.

We grease them with bitter cherry jam, this is the first place in the top of our preferences. Matthew, for example, prefers them filled with chocolate or honey. :)

In the end, if you like, you can powder them.

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